Portcullis by robinjohnson

The city of Portcullis has been taken over by an evil sorcerer (because that's what evil sorcerers do), and a party of adventurers has arrived in town to overthrow him (because that's what adventurers do.) A retro-styled comic adventure, written for the 35th anniversary of Zork and the 40th anniversary of the original Adventure, in tribute to the drily humorous heroic-fantasy games that dominated the early days of interactive fiction.

Also available as a zip file: http://versificator.net/portcullis.zip
or a Windows executable: http://versificator.net/Portcullis.exe

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Review by WendyW
10 Jun 2021
Fun and interesting, I agree with other reviewers about the Zork-esque feel.

Very good!!

Review by gamerkid23
27 May 2021
this is amazing there needs to be a lot more games like this in the world!!!!

Review by FromAtoZany
01 Feb 2021
Loved this game: everything made logical sense, and although I ended up having to "brute-force" a couple of puzzles by just trying to give everything to everyone, it's extremely well-executed and a fun romp. The "a-ha" moment (you'll know it when you reach it) was a nice surprise.
One request: can a category be added to the Hints menu of How All The Points Are Scored? I can't seem to get above a 38/45, even by reaching what seems like the optimal ending.

Review by greatbo12
08 Jul 2019
Super cool!

Review by 9bitAdventures
18 May 2019
pretty fucking awesome-
i like it better than zork even

Review by meburningslime
15 May 2019
noooo im a caterpillar its sooo cnfusng

Review by blackknight
02 Dec 2017
Good old-school game.

Review by GameofChocolate
19 Jun 2017
Super fun, and challenging. Good job!

Review by kendrafortune
20 Apr 2017
I really enjoyed playing this game - it's tricky without being frustratingly difficult, and it has the feel of the old Zork games. Everything seemed to work without any frustrating issues around the phrasing you need to use to perform actions. It's also funny, especially that the NPCs are so expendable! I just wish the game was a bit longer!

Review by Nixanoro
11 Mar 2017
Very well crafted and detailed.

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