Reviews by Warriorcat_●▪

I love it! really hope you continue it and make the next part, I don't mind the fact it says "Y/N" during dialogue and I like the name Maplefall, it's nice and reminds me of mapleshade.

18 Aug 2021
Meh, it's not that great but I can't really judge since it's most likely your first game.

Review for Sled Dog Stories
22 Jul 2021
I love this, i always play this game when i have time to, its good and your writing is brilliant!

ok uh oooooookk

22 Nov 2020
this is great! you are talented and underrated! you need 400 plays unlike me you made actual art for the title, keep updating it I believe in you!

15 Nov 2020
good but squiffy is sorta broken