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Reviews by Patronaut

Review for The Myothian Falcon
21 Jul 2012
Okay, i was able to get into Lawrence's computer, found the falcon and gave it to the appropriate people. Now I am trying to access the encrypted files and have no idea who to ask or what to ask. Help.

Review for Murder on the Hill
18 Jul 2012
Nevermind, figured it out. Just collecting information right now. Great game, Craig.

Review for Barbarian
09 Sep 2011
I'm at the stone door in the crypt. I can see the image now (I downloaded the game), but they come up as a column and I can't scroll back up to look at the order of the pictures. I'm stuck. Help!

08 Sep 2011
I can't get the string either. It won't let me pick it up after I got it off the hook. Nor do I know how to get the magnet

Here is my inventory:
clue 1
clue 2
the mystery instructions
clue 3
a can of Diet Pepsi
a map of Montana
the Chicago Manual of Style
a corncob
a sewing needle
a corkscrew
a glass of water
a roll of toilet paper
a box of tissue
a metal ladder.

Any hint would be appreciated.