The Lazst Resort, Part 1 by B.J. Best

You awaken in a bed, not having any idea who you are, where you are, or why you might be there...<br>No, wait a minute. You're pretty groggy when you first wake up in the morning. After thinking about it briefly, you know exactly who you are, where you are, and what you're doing. Your name is Pat Conroy, and you are staying in a hotel room at the Bayside Resort--although most people call it the Lazst Resort (either affectionately or disdainfully, and it can be hard to tell which) after its proprietor, Ray Lazst.

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Review by stella1
14 Jun 2012
Really great puzzles, although I nearly gave up when I couldn't figure out the command for the ladder and string. Clue 2 and 3 were a piece of cake, although clue 1 had me confused; I wasn't sure what the "s" in S.B meant, but the bottom of the clue gave me a better idea of where to look after having thoroughly explored and examined everything.

One thing that bugged was when I saved and then came back later to resume the game, the hints reset all the way back to the beginning. So I was being hinted on talking to the receptionist when I was already way past that. After talking to the receptionist again, the next hint prompted me to figure out clue #2, which I had already figured out and took action (I had a can in my inventory).

Overall really good!

Review by Jorrit Tyberghein
01 Jun 2012
I like this adventure a lot. However I seem to have hit a bug. At this moment I'm sitting in the rowboat. I already got the oars and used them on the oarlocks a bit earlier. Now I have a compass. And I get this message:

You feel the compass you made will allow you to navigate your rowboat without getting lost, so you are ready to row into the bay!
There are no oars in the oarlocks! How will you use the boat?

But there are no oarlocks anymore (they went away when I put the oars in them earlier in the game). And I also don't have the oars anymore (and they are not in the shed). So seems that I hit an impossible situation here?


Review by tight lips
09 Apr 2012
I like it. It was ok. I didnt finish it though

Review by Patronaut
08 Sep 2011
I can't get the string either. It won't let me pick it up after I got it off the hook. Nor do I know how to get the magnet

Here is my inventory:
clue 1
clue 2
the mystery instructions
clue 3
a can of Diet Pepsi
a map of Montana
the Chicago Manual of Style
a corncob
a sewing needle
a corkscrew
a glass of water
a roll of toilet paper
a box of tissue
a metal ladder.

Any hint would be appreciated.

Review by Arjunaz78
08 Apr 2011
This the best text adventure games i've been playing before...and double thumbs up to B.J. Best for this great games...

ahh....i've been stuck with the clue 1 & clue 2 puzzle..

Clue 1:

p/s: I don't get it that rehpic noitutitsbus letter...anyone can tell me what the hell is that letter means?

Clue 2:
S.B P.4
1D + 3D - 2A

p/s: Also I don't get the second clue,even i try thinking bout a thousand times!!

Still waiting for Part 2...

Review by Athonas
24 Jan 2011
Hmm not perfect but surely a very good game...the ending was too faceless I think but gongratulations anyway :)

got 123/125 points... I guess I lost two points from not using the corncob?

Review by gary
01 Aug 2010
I can't figure out the string. I've got the ladder,three clues, instructions,map, manual, corncob, can, corkscrew, glass of water, roll and tissue,but can't seem to climb the ladder to the string. I know how to make a compass and the oars are in the boat. Any help would be gratefully received.

Review by chilledeskimo
25 Jun 2010
hi i'm stuck on the keys - have attached the mike and the magnet but don't seem to be able to use it in the bay. Am i missing something?

Review by Tony
17 Apr 2010
That was pretty entertaining. I managed to get 120 out of 125 upon completion. I wonder what I missed? Wasn't sure about solving Clue 3. I ended up using an internet translator which got me close enough to realise what the message said. Was there an easier way in the game to solve this?

I was flummoxed by the ball room light switch as well. I found it by accident by "turning on light" even though I had no idea there was a switch. Is there a trick to finding the switch first?

Review by Brian
06 Feb 2010
Loved the game, but left flat in the end... pretty anti-climactic, but who am I to judge?. The fun-ness, if that's a word, outrules the ending. 4 stars for you! No soup for you, one year! Only for 5 stars! ;-)

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