Reviews by ErnestJr

18 Mar 2014
I am clueless to why people enjoy this. Short, impossible to win and just painfully annoying.

Review for Herobrine (Demo)
12 Sep 2013
I wish there was negative numbers in the rating.

04 Sep 2013
This game shows how stupid 'swag' is. Great way to portray it.

Review for The Abyss
02 Sep 2013
The storyline was excellent, perfect imagery, I felt like I was in the kid's body feeling what he feels.

Review for "The Run" Season 2
27 Aug 2013
It's a great game with good potential, the odd spelling mistake bothers me, there's alot of grammar mistakes though and the big block of writing is very unattractive to the players, make it short and snappy and I'll give it a 5.