Final Hours by ErnestJr

Time is running out. The apocalypse is coming. The human race is dying. Only the smartest will survive. You must navigate your way through whatever stops you to find a way to escape this doomed planet.

'You never know what the outcome is until it is fulfilled.'

A game made with Twine powered by Tiddly Wiki

Several sections of the story have been rewritten
Review by Susana
29 Sep 2015
Very few choices, in a demo game... don't worth the time.

Review by Claire6129
01 Jan 2014
I thought that this game had a great plot, though not many options, only a few that either killed you, or saved you;that part I liked, though I would like to see more options.

Review by storyspoiler
03 Oct 2013
This game railroads the player; even the choices (which are rare) feel like tired tropes. Well-worn setting offers nothing original: no emotional investment and no fun.

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Published 04 Sep 2013
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