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Reviews by deboriole

24 Feb 2015
This was such a fun game! Not too short, but not too long, either. I got stuck once near the end and had to resort to the walkthrough, which is conveniently accessed by typing 'hint' during the game. My only miniscule criticism is that my attempts to sing and dance while playing the drum did not work. I also tried to yodel at the goat to no avail. But perhaps I am just too silly. :)

Review for Delicious Breakfast
28 Oct 2014
There wasn't much to it, but it made me chuckle. :)

26 Oct 2014
The premise is simple. Navigate through 20+ rooms to find your magnifying glass, then use it to find the murder weapon. Talk to everyone you meet and the one whose story doesn't add up is the killer. I played this game over and over again and could not complete it.

The problem is that the magnifying glass spawns randomly, and unless you luck out and find it nearby, you won't have enough time before the killer grows suspicious of you and ultimately stalks you. Even if you're lucky and you find the magnifying glass quickly, you still have to find the murder weapon.

Way too much is left to chance here. Even though I drew a map and systematically went from room to room, the time it took me to get around was too much and I was always stalked before I could "gather" the group at the scene of the crime.

Very frustrating.

26 Oct 2014
Loved it! Not as much reading/deducing as the first game but the story was much more thrilling.

Review for Victorian Detective
26 Oct 2014
Very fun game, exactly what I like. I didn't get everything in the first go-around, but I replayed it to get a perfect score. I'm psyched to play the second game!

23 Oct 2014
I loved this one. Nice and short, just the way I like 'em. The other reviewers are correct about the commands. I kept using the word "water" instead of "lake" and it took me a good 10 minutes to realize it didn't recognize the word "water."

Review for Captain Jumbo
20 Oct 2014
Sad story but I was expecting it after reading the other comments. Limited commands... You can't examine most things that have been described in the narration. The most frustrating part was that the first time I played I got stuck and had to start over. I left the blanky in the bathroom (do not do that, readers!), but later on I needed to be "brave" and was at a total loss because the only way to access the bathroom is through the kitchen! Still, I enjoyed the challenge of the game, despite the limited commands.

Review for Master Riddler
19 Oct 2014
Great little game... I replayed it twice to see if I could get a different ending, but no. I was stumped by two of the riddles (literally... ha!) but I managed to make it through. I agree with the other reviewer about having trouble with the second time alone in the cell. I knew what I wanted to do but it took me a few tries to figure out how to word the action.