Escape the Bear Campsite by CJ592

This is a very quick game which involves one site (room). You have to escape the campsite.

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Review by KyuJones
06 Apr 2016
Like this little scenario! Learned some things about mud and now know that I can definitely survive in the wilderness. Definitely.

PS. Commands were good once I read some comments and played around a lot..... would be helpful to have put in more options for the commands.

Review by deboriole
23 Oct 2014
I loved this one. Nice and short, just the way I like 'em. The other reviewers are correct about the commands. I kept using the word "water" instead of "lake" and it took me a good 10 minutes to realize it didn't recognize the word "water."

Review by David Welbourn
15 Feb 2009
For a one-room 'snack sized' game, this isn't bad at all. Some care has been added to make sure you can try again without restarting or restoring if you fail to escape on your first or subsequent attempts, which I appreciated. However, players will probably fumble trying to figure out the right verbs for certain things, possibly making the game a smidge more difficult than it otherwise would be.

Also, I should mention that a ranger friend of mine played this game, and it'd be nice if I could reassure her that the winning ending doesn't actually kill the bear. You'll back me up on that, right? She encounters bears in real life, and I don't want her to have nightmares over what she had to do to the poor creature.

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