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Reviews by GrizzlyTBOPA

Review for Threehole Hospital
02 Sep 2019
A very funny story if I say so myself. Very entertaining, I couldn't help but actually let out some chuckles whilst playing. I do believe the aesthetic of the page could be better and that it sometimes freezes or takes a while to load your choice. Those are my only critiques, as for the overall elements, really funny! Specially since I'm in the world of medicine, it was heartwarming to view it in such a lighthearted manner!

Review for Seedship
26 Jun 2019
This game is pretty great! I love the randomness of it and the tough decisions you have to make. However, I think sometimes the damages made to some areas of the ship are too high. Maybe, if possible, an update which decreases the amount of damage received to the modules would be great.

Maybe I'm too picky and mooved on too many planets, but I still think the damages to the modules were too high for one turn.

Other than that, completely amazing game!