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Review for Warrior Cats
28 Aug 2018
This definitely contains some potential, and whilst some parts seemed random, and jumbled,I enjoyed it overall!

The idea is actually superb, and I understand you're attempting a backstory first to get the readers up to date, so the fact that there are minimal options at the start help. However, of course, I'd like you to continue with this plot! :DD

(Btw, what software did ya use?)

22 Jun 2018
I really, really, REALLY like this one! It's so cute, and there's so much potential in it! Minimal errors, differing options with lots of opportunities... It's amazing! :D
Despite quite a lot of work needed, I'm sure this is going to be an amazing game! <3 Good luck!

22 Jun 2018
I like the fact that there are few/no errors in punctuation and such, however, I suppose my opinion would be to add more options. The problem with this, though, is that it would open more paths therefore leading to a longer wait time for the full game, as well as cause you more problems. The mere fact you have so many career choices is outstanding, because most would select one and go on from there.
Nonetheless, an excellent beginning, and I can see that there will be potential in this game! :D

I like how there's minimal errors, and the idea itself is original and set out to an audience. The fact that you also wrote out every cat in the game, as well as described them, definitely shows you're committed to this, and didn't describe them in the game and have the reader forget them after a few clicks. I would also like to mention you have personality differs in the responses you are permitted to, which I enjoy. Please work on this more, however! It is, as I agree with other reviewers, rather short. However, I can see how wonderful this might be at the end!