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Review for As Darkness Falls
01 Jun 2012
Short but sweet, and probably the most use you'll get from a can of gas in any text adventure! The puzzles are fairly intuitive, and you're not handcuffed overmuch by "guess the verb" -- though 'lift' might have been a problem if not already mentioned in previous messages here. I confirmed my own "Examine vs. Look At" bias by getting stuck for an embarrassing time on the dog's name. The steps required to start the fire only to then immediately want to put it out... genius.

As with any Quest game I complete, I put together a walkthrough:


I'm a little ambivalent about putting these up, since there's the chance a readily available walkthrough will end people asking questions here and erode the sense of community... and yet I'm also thinking of the person who's frustrated at 2 AM (or a day/week/month later) and about ready to give up on the game entirely for want of anyone to get a quick answer from. As your situation dictates, I guess.

Review for The Mansion II
13 May 2011
Everything I liked about the original, times two! The potions, the GPT, and the computer repair sequence were my favorite parts. I think I may have a 'fixit junkie' gene; it's satisfying to find all the parts and get something working again, moreso than sighting in and blowing stuff up.

As with the first Mansion, I again had one "big stuck" part - and confess I'd still be shuffling a dead seagull between basement and fireplace (It's a bird / But it's also dead!) if not for looking here and cheating on that bit. My thanks to trentnt on that point. :)

And thanks as well to Nick Dablin for putting together a pair of engaging games. I don't know if it's come up before, but is there any chance of a Mansion III?

Review for The Mansion
11 May 2011
I genuinely enjoyed this game; it has solid puzzles, minus the typical overinvolvement that ruins puzzles. As my intro to Quest, it made for a very favorable first impression.

That said, I was badly stuck before I tracked down this review section for a hint: finding the password for the Keypad had me at a dead stop! :) After that, everything else fell right into place, and I had only my own shortsightedness to blame for missing that particular clue. I think I'll have a crack at the sequel.

Though I've put together my own walkthrough, I'm wondering if the original that was over at GeoCities still exists somewhere?