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09 Dec 2002
>> It is almost a role playing game! Just no fighting in it...<<

After pulling myself together, being upset was the result of this statement, I have to say one single thing: AM I MISSING SOMETHING? WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE? WHAT'S THE WHOLE PURPOSE?
The game is very similar to the first one. Reviewing the previous game I gave it a rating of 1. Not much improvement has come since then, but I feel obligued to give a higher rating, because the game was a little better. What is bad is the obcurity of the plot and not knowing the characters of the game. To my eyes, the game is still a pointless interaction with totally unfamiliar characters in a poorly described enviroment. Authors better understand that text adventures are similar to literature: Some detail in the description is never bad.
I am looking forward to playing the full game, hoping it would be more structured and less obscure.


Review for Black Out
25 Nov 2002
Yet another uninspired puzzle game. Nuff said!
Some very simple use-the-object puzzles are thrown into a game full of shallow (if non existing) descriptions. The result: Much bellow average. Mate, next game needs much more work to be done!


Review for Green Light
06 Sep 2002
Well, first of all I have to say that Carlii took care of her game: It is very well written and taken care of. What matters though is the inside that counts. And the inside is average. Without the game being bad at all, I was turned off by some things:
A) The riddles they weren't inspired enough. A riddle based game must have some original ones. Instead, this game was full with run-of-the-mill puzzles.
B) The story, or perhaps the lack of one: Even though the idea to reveal what is going on in the end of the game, along with the promise of a sequel, it doesn't work good enough for such a small game. Some poeple may find it fun to run in a castle and solve puzzles to find out what is up, but I am not one of them
C) There should be more synonyms. For instance, you couldn't "Open door" but could only "Open latch door". It sometimes may be annoying.

To sum up, this game can stand as a good choice for those who seek a puzzle-based adventure game. Congratulations Carlii, you did a good job and I am looking forward for the gold expansion (After all, it will have a story.)


I liked your demo. Sure it was beatable in 5 minutes, but not bad at all. Some things that "annoyed" me were: a) The dialogues: The way they appear sucks! you could use menus. b) You could use "local description scripts" instead of "room descriptions" (If you use QDK you should know what I mean.) It is just a personal preference, since there is just your description shown and not the items in the room and the exits.
To get an idea, check the way "Lovesong"'s descriptions appear.
Even though I am a bitter young man, spitting poison by mentioning your flaws (just joking, I bet that's why you uploaded your game, to correct flaws of it's design), I encourage you to continue with your game. It sounds interesting AND as far as I can see has some story, rather some riddles put together. The way I like it!

DarkAng3l (Now in a TV show)

01 Jul 2002
I hate to say it, but this game was much worse than my game, lovesong. There was nothing to do and no meaning in it. And it was way too short. And had nothing to do. So, the 1 i give is a reasonable mark. But I hope to see a better game from it's author.