Reviews by ChamberQuester

08 Feb 2017
This game is definitely one of the best text-based games I've ever played. I've just gotten to lunch time and have to wait a little bit longer, so I'm writing my review. So far, I really like the story and the humanity of the characters - this is what I would imagine it to be like in the moon-base in the future!
I also like how you have the option to buy - although constricting, it gives the whole thing a professional air.
Anyway, I am loving this and can't wait to finish it!
Great job!

18 Jan 2017
The sound effects were great and the whole feel from the beginning was creepy as heck!
I sure do like a good horror game.
Left me yelling at the end! :)

Review for The Tower
18 Jan 2017
This game made me crack up when I started to play it!
The narrator matches my style of humor particularly well, and I enjoyed the "exploit the budget" and "defence" jokes in there very much.
Overall, I didn't expect this type of game, but it sure was fun!
"There are no fences here, that's why spelling matters."
"We're supposed to speak JAPANESE!"