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24 Nov 2014
As previous reviewer states a little on short side, but this does not detract from the humour and fun derived from playing the game. Nice idea with the various abilities with a few red herrings along the way. I look forward to any future installments the author may have...

Review for As Darkness Falls
18 Nov 2014
Liked the game, needed some help from comments but this didnt detract from enjoyment. Could of expanded it to include a second floor of the house but its not a game killer.

Review for The Mansion II
18 Nov 2014
Played the first game and which ultimatley lead me to play this one. Great game, not too difficult so as to not totally frustrate and end in giving up, but challenging enough to flex the grey matter. Seeing as when this was created I would imagine another in the series unlikely, however it has provided inspiration to self create...