Pestilence by Whisperbat

A short horror game about OCD.
Review by GameofChocolate
28 Jun 2017
I get that this caters to freaking out OCD people, but this is a story not an adventure and most of the time there is only one thing to click.

Review by SadTea
26 Dec 2016
I have OCD myself, and this is definitely accurate (the beginning, at least, not the end.) This was amazingly horrifying.

Review by dirty_preach
12 Oct 2016
Really freaky and true to the word of one with OCD. The only thing I didn't really like was the size of the text, which isn't very relevant, but I had to get real close to the screen to read it. Maybe that's the point. Anyawy, excellent job!

Review by NeuroticMoxx
29 Apr 2016
Very well written - not what I would call a game as such but I thoroughly enjoyed it and glad I checked it out! It made my stomach turn a bit, job done :)

Review by Laufeia
29 Apr 2016
I'm going to recommend this to couple people I know who wash their hands constantly and can't touch stuff without sterilizing it first.

Review by miner2000
04 Nov 2015
OK, but i took a star off becuase it's not really OCD, its more of a fear of germs.

Review by mclure
12 Oct 2015
I lol'd "Mites that bristled and fought and fucked and defecated all over you and inside you."

Review by funkyspunk90
20 Aug 2015
The description as a short, ugly game is about right! The writing is wonderful, really leading the reader into a very different way of seeing the world. Its easy to tell you really thought about the ideas you were trying to get across! An unusual, and original horror.

Review by Sacrilege
21 May 2015
Although this isn't a text adventure by it's definition, it was an interesting experience of the mind of a struggling person. I like this sort-of-blurry environment which creates a stronger connection to the inside of the protagonist mind and fight, Wonderful piece of art, well-written and it was wonderful to read.

Review by ZoeDaZambie
23 Apr 2015
I didn't get it at all, but I have OCD and I thought this would be a good game to check out. Even though I have literally NO idea what happened, it's still a pretty great game. I'd like an explanation though.

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