Her Pound of Flesh by Liz England

Body horror choose-your-own-adventure game about heartache.

About 30 minutes of play time, with multiple endings.
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Review by Cheralina
02 Feb 2018
What the HECK

Review by emmodii
23 Sep 2017
Wish there were more to it. I liked it a lot and wish it were much longer.

There were typos here and there though. Definitely something to keep in mind.

Review by GameofChocolate
13 May 2017
Weird and creepy. It was well written but I expected more to it.

Review by SadTea
29 Jan 2017
This was very well done. Disturbing, and amazing.

Review by dirty_preach
12 Oct 2016
This was amazing. Disgusting, but amazing. The intensity of the writing and progression of the days as you go through all the endings is uncomfortably good. I loved finding all the endings. Great job!

Review by Jakebgamer
29 Jul 2015
A very good short text game. It puts you in the shoes of a character that knows loss, but instead of embracing and letting go of his loss, he chooses to try and undo it. Along the way, he starts realizing his mistakes. Now, it could have been a bit longer, but it was kept short and sweet. I respect it for condensing it well instead of making it feel like too little content. However, i do wish a bit more time was given to sympathize with your character, and get to know about him more. A little character development. Because since that wasn't done, i feel like a blank slate of a character with the only description being I've lost a loved one. As a result, i didn't care too much about my character and instead focused on the narrative. Which, btw, would have been complimented nicely with some background on the man on the phone and the drug. But other than those, a great psychological game head-and-shoulders above most other text games on this site. I look forward to more from Liz England

Review by Lucîus
02 Jul 2015
It was intense all the way through but not as violent and gory as i expected. I enjoyed being psychologicaly pressured in the first couple of days. Good work overall!!!

Review by Sacrilege
24 Mar 2015
This game has a lot of potential to become something very disturbing, but the lack of explanation about the creature he has raised kinda of doesn't let you understand the story as much as needed to enjoy it completely.
I still think it was really good.

13 Feb 2015
This game was absolutely brilliant to play!!! Never got bored, and was always shocked and amazed at the endings!!!!!!!!!!! Took me half an hour to get all the endings, and is one of my new favorites! Good job!

Review by arislaf
05 Feb 2015
One of the best ever!!!

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