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Reviews by FERDI

Review for The Mansion II
01 Nov 2009
for who is stuck in the cell, here is some help:
first do you know that uyou can pick up the cot?
just pick up the cot by typing get cot.
now a grille is revealed.
pick the fork up, and use that item on the grille to pry the screws loose.
now go west, pick up the cot, and use that on the forcefield.
also, do this also in your sell.
this will break the forcefields.
in the beginning, you are in darkness, but there is a shape.
pick that up, it's a paper clip.
use that on the handcuffs.

Review for Caravan chaos
01 Nov 2009
hello gamer, when i type x bathroom, the game tells me that it contains a toilet and thower but as i type x thower, the game tells i can't see that here
for the sink, you must type x snowstorm
open the cupboard to reveal a bowl get the bowl.
x bowl and find a coin.
examine the window to find memory card, x card to find battery.
when i open the window i lost.
can someone help me further?

Review for clash
01 Nov 2009
hello, if you are in the traders camp, examine the goods.
then go to the mountain, and give the pie to the lion.
next, go up, then north to the cave, and use the rope on the ledge and directly climb up.
now you are in the secret chamber, where you see a hand-writed note.
read the note.
say lapo91. grab the fishing hook to board a boat.
there you will encounter a person that is an heshy.
fight him until he is dead.
now you are locked into a strange house.
take the paper and the lantern.
use the crowbar to ring the bell.
type use crowbar on bell this will open a door to a basement.
go down and then north to the goldmine then dig.

Review for Fairy Tales
30 Oct 2009
hello, there must be a way to get rid of that wolf. there must be a weapon that can be used on the wolf to kill it