clash by GAMER!

An easy game set in the meddi-evil days.
You are a boy who's training to be a swordsman. However there is a king of evil. Can the boy kill him?

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Review by Happy Grace
02 Jul 2013
map confusing and wrong, spellings wrong, no command to study books.

Review by FERDI
01 Nov 2009
hello, if you are in the traders camp, examine the goods.
then go to the mountain, and give the pie to the lion.
next, go up, then north to the cave, and use the rope on the ledge and directly climb up.
now you are in the secret chamber, where you see a hand-writed note.
read the note.
say lapo91. grab the fishing hook to board a boat.
there you will encounter a person that is an heshy.
fight him until he is dead.
now you are locked into a strange house.
take the paper and the lantern.
use the crowbar to ring the bell.
type use crowbar on bell this will open a door to a basement.
go down and then north to the goldmine then dig.

Review by Michael1
03 Apr 2008
I agree, Gamer you should take more time
in doing your next game, put more effort into
your next one, use variables correctly, once
an object is nolonger available for interaction then
move it or make it unavailable.

Use variables to check wether a puzzle/quest is
complete, or use flags, use prefix's correctly.

Don't use room descs to describe what the player is doing, use
room descs only to describe the scene, you can however set
up some variables so the game knows what to say when
the player enters the room, like for the first time etc.

Better luck next time though. :)


Review by Freak
03 Apr 2008
The first thing I noticed was that the blurb misspelled medieval, and the spelling doesn't improve. Dynamic objects are listed in room descriptions after they have been moved. I'd consider those to be newbie mistakes, but this is the author's ninth game, and he should have learned by now.

Review by Anya
27 Mar 2008
i'm enjoying it so far.
but i got to the combat chamber.
and he told me 'now chop off the dummy's head with this sword'
and i tried every command that could meant that and it didn't do anything. i tried:
chop off dummy's head
chop off dummy's head with sword
de-capitate dummy
decapitate dummy
behead dummy
behead dummy
whack dummy
slash dummy
kill dummy
attack dummy
hit dummy
use sword
clash dummy
bash dummy
cut dummy
ruin dummy
destroy dummy
and more that i forgot...but if it's just that i'm not thinking of the right command.
then could u please tell me what the right command is?

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