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Reviews by M4u

26 Mar 2014
Story - 3/5
It's a very original story and compelling to play but too short and without deep meaning.

Gameplay - 4/5
It's funny and the retro set up is great!

Graphics - 5/5
Good graphics with and intended low quality for the retro set up.

Sound - 2/5
The sound is good but I couldn't appreciate it fully.

Replayability - 1/5
Once you know the plot you don't need to replay.

Overall - 3/5
A very funny game. The media resources are mixed together very well to create an artistic environment but just for fun.

24 Mar 2014
I finished the game with one hint from the author.

I enjoyed the game very much and I hope to be fair in my review.

First, let's talk about the positive:

- A very interesting science fiction plot that reminds me a very good movie that I won't mention because of the spoiler. All I can say is that makes us wonder about our identity and what is reality. This a very known philosophical topic used in books and movies from authors like Philip K. Dick.
- The images are really good and make the story even more compelling. Very good use of the media. Sound would be nice too to complete the environment.
- Very well implemented. The author took care of all of the details. The story helps to support those elements not implemented and help us to understand the limitations of the world.
- Good puzzles. Along with the lovely landscape make me keep playing from begining to end.

Now, the improvement areas.

- The images are good but I feel they are too big for the screen. Maybe a little less, after all they are there to support the story, not to be the main attraction.
- There is a mix of hyperlinks and typing that it's not very well received outer by a wider public. It should be an option to play the entire game with hyperlinks or without it because the player has its preferences and he doen't like to change from one mode to another in the middle of the game.
- Personally I don't like the implementation of the verb "use" or "use with". I feel more elegant when there is a verb for each action.
- As someone said once, the right panel make feel the "things" double. At least the "Places and objects" should dissappeared. The other ones are ok.
- I get lost with some commands because I was typing with CAPS on. But this is maybe a Quest thing.
- I recommend to improve the directions because sometimes I got lost. For example saying "Go north to the house", etc.
- There are some answers not implemented like the button on the elevator. No answer received like "the door opens" and some inconsistency: the "ask about" exists for some people but not for the woman behind the door. Get in the car is not implemented, we just drive with the directions. I didn't understand why we go down from the parking lot.

Ok, that's all the time I have. Thank you for the game, well done! I hope to see more from the author!