JAWS: The Text Adventure by Us Vs Th3m

How bitey are you? C’mon! You get to play the SHARK! Who doesn’t want to be a shark?
Review by LemonGrabJuice
10 Feb 2017
Everyone's already said it, so don't say it again, idiots.

Review by Rojo_The_Great
21 Jan 2017
I keep clicking on the link but it takes me to a website. I do not know what game these other people are playing.

Review by Smileyshoes
19 Nov 2016
Okay, this game is a scam.
it just takes you to a website

Review by Regisblackgaard
26 Oct 2016
The link leads to a website, not a text adbenture. THIS IS SCAM DO NOT PLAY

Review by Rveggie65
20 May 2016
Awesome. Keep playing for all the endings.

Review by KyuJones
20 May 2016
That was fun. At first I wanted to be friendly to some things, but..... in the end I needed to eat! I'm pretty satisfied with the end. ^____^

Review by VisLock
08 Oct 2015
Ate plutonium. I have ended human life so many times.

Review by TheOfficialMoose
25 Sep 2015
Freekin Awesome!

Review by Zeys_Quest
18 Aug 2015
Fun game, just don't 'eat the vessel'... *Shudder*

Review by Nameless-Namely
05 Jul 2015
Gotta love those games where you can destroy the world if you so please.

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Published 23 Sep 2013