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Reviews by TROLL

07 Aug 2018
Awesome, sorry I didn’t put a comment yet, I forgot :p

I haven’t seen anything like this, but you still make it look good, wow, just wow.

31 May 2018
Hope it never dies, thanks to you it won’t

Review for Esplorando Casa
17 May 2018
I don’t know my Spanish but looks like you did a lot of stuff, just try to translate then you got your first good players.

15 May 2018
Some one please pick off where he left off, please.

15 May 2018
Needs some rework and some quick changing a and I’d say you’ve got your self a start, and don’t feel like you have to continue the story, add on more and more, make it the way you want to show the story, also fix the hallway, and please (add a scene with ruby and Trish meet you or have an aware moment) (pls pls pls)

Review for Giantess Highschool
09 Mar 2018
Not bad for a beginner.

Review for Shrunk at College
01 Feb 2018
great but haven't seen the rest

Review for The Mini Vacation
11 Jan 2018
Great story, I cant believe what people are missing out on, Keep on writing!

Review for shrunk tour
10 Jan 2018
Read other people's story's, it's very useful. your pictures are good but your system is messed up