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Reviews by Alexandre Torres

Review for Victorian Detective
21 May 2015
Great! The only thing I would like to mention is...

----this may be a spoiler----
*******SPOILER ALERT*******
that fog machines can be powered by carbonic ice, chemical reaction, or heat.
At XIX century, dry ice was not yet commercially available (patented by 1924!) ! So, i don´t think it was possible to find a smoke machine with dry ice at the theater.
Nevertheless, a great game!

Review for Fade to White
03 Oct 2013
I think it is bugged. Can´t empty the Lot 9 in the sink (too).
Unless there is a secret command somewhere, or I need to restart to talk to the voices in different orders (I hate this kind of game and WILL NOT do that... ).
Also it is poorly done. So much text, but no descriptions, bugged commands , I don´t know if it is old or what.
How many times do you need to repeat "Surreal" ? C´mon! this is annoying.

Review for Barbarian
11 Aug 2012
Ok, that's is it. The modal window prevents me of seeing the figures. Create a game that is nice to play, and them preventing the player to advance because of a bug, this deserves the worst possible rating. Sorry.

Review for Island of the Magi
27 Jul 2012
Ok, there are several dead ends. A lot of objects must be used in certain order, such as the firestone and the knife. If you give/use n destroy the object, you will not be able to end and will never even know what you did wrong. If you want to kill the player, ok, but don't let him clueless...
The game is very well written and huge. But sometimes is hard to find out the right command to perform an action, what is irritating.
Some riddles are great, buth others such as the fruit in river made me want to cheat the game ... it lacks tips... the timers are very short...
in fact, I usually abandon any game with dead ends since the 90's


Review for Dragon
23 Jul 2012
Positive points:
-Nice storyline.
-Good Puzzles.
Negative points:
- Dead ends (such as giving the mouse to the princess).
- Objects must be used on a predefined order, or the game can't be finished. (dagger!)
- Too specific commands and too much dependency on interaction with scenic (not listed) objects.
- Much of the difficult is to find out the right command, the name of the object or dealing with replays.
- reminds me of the main defects of 80's adventures. At that time I liked, but nowdays, I don't have that patience.


Review for The Mansion II
20 Jul 2012
The games freezed several times after I speak with my uncle and "pressed any key". I had to change the order of things to bring up the yes/no popup.
Also, having to drop the candle before lighting reminds me that the "using an stuffed aligattor to open a door" problem. Maybe I got lazy after so many extra tested/comercial Lucas Arts games... but "use lighter with candle" should work before dropping, and the bathroom description is confusing.

The corporation part is just great and creative. The potions and teleport idea is really good reminding me of old text adventures from my old CoCo - in fact calixto island had a teleporter.
The escape from cell is great, really a masterpiece. But...why everybody died from gas but me?
The second puzzle on mansion is great, really difficult. It would be even greater if it had some mechanical instead of spiritual explanation. The double use of the chair leg confused me, becouse it has to be done in certain order. It took time to realize that after digging the hole i could burn the leg.
Problems -1
Game +5
The fact that the game is large,free, and works +1
Final Rating 5