Dragon by Craig Dutton

In this graphical/text adventure you must find the Dragon and find a way to slay it to claim its treasure.

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Review by reebar
03 Jun 2018
Great quest hard to get started, is there a walkthrough available for this game.
the loc given by Craig in 2012 not able to find. forum > quest games > dragon walktru

Review by DaNiX88
22 Apr 2015
A great game, though I relied on the walkthrough from the start. I did manage to find many things on my own, but in order to not reach a dead end, I checked with the walkthrough before I made any decisions. I really wish there were more hints in-game, or at least subtle warnings.

I really enjoyed the pictures included in this one, and the black background with white text was a nice change of pace.

All in all, a fun game to play!

Review by danaburgerrr
10 Feb 2015
this is a good game, even if at times it's a little cumbersome; there's not much happening and the characters as well as the world are sort of one-dimensional. but I do love the little supernatural things you've incorporated. I did find myself using the walkthru a lot, and I think it's because there's just a lack of good hints given throughout in the text. while gameplay gets relatively linear if the right items are acquired, I don't necessarily think that it's all super logical, which creates frustration. the entire thing could have used a little more description and a little more writing, but that's mostly just what I prefer when playing TA games, so don't let my little opinion discourage you. as always your imagination has run wild in a very good way, and although I found it a bit difficult this time around, it ended up being pretty fun in the end.

Review by Charles Scott
09 Sep 2013
Wow. Very difficult! I had to resort to the walkthru two or three times, and I managed to fall into all the dead ends (broke the dagger before I could use it, frightened the princess before she gave me the item, crossed to the island without enough protection) so it's a good idea to do lots of 'saves'. A great story, though, with some terrific twists, and I thought the simple but atmospheric graphics were very effective and added a lot to the ambience. Craig's imagination must be a complex and extraordinary thing!

Review by Sagi Gush
27 Jul 2012
I like it alot :) the Imagery is awesome and it is generally fun. I don't see a reason why not giving a full 5 score

Review by Alexandre Torres
23 Jul 2012
Positive points:
-Nice storyline.
-Good Puzzles.
Negative points:
- Dead ends (such as giving the mouse to the princess).
- Objects must be used on a predefined order, or the game can't be finished. (dagger!)
- Too specific commands and too much dependency on interaction with scenic (not listed) objects.
- Much of the difficult is to find out the right command, the name of the object or dealing with replays.
- reminds me of the main defects of 80's adventures. At that time I liked, but nowdays, I don't have that patience.


Review by sarah4
23 Apr 2012
Another absolutely brilliant game, great storyline, fun and challenging puzzles and great characters and locations, and, just like your previous games, an absolute masterclass as to how text adventures should be written! One of the very best writers on this website, can't wait for your future games!

Review by Gregory Waukey
20 Apr 2012
i have no idea i got stuck at the princess i accidently showed her the dead mouse what should id do complete walktrough please?

Review by Kristianstill
13 Apr 2012
So far so good. Enjoying the game and love the imagery. How is that created BTW.

Together with Alex Warren we are trying real hard to find games authors that may consider writing for reading ages 6-12. It is our belief that IF can really engage young poeple and help them develop a love of reading, albeit in a new form to most of them.

This has a secondary opportunity, helping teachers assist their students to write IF. Possibly 18-24 months down the road. Is this something you may consider?

Review by tight lips
09 Apr 2012
Excellent imagery. It feels very open ended. I tried to look at the moss but couldnt though.

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Written for Quest 5.2
Published 03 Apr 2012
Updated 01 Sep 2013

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