The Castle of Vourtram by Alexandre Torres

The Kingdom of Gwalinad is in its last days of existence. The evil wizard Vourtram, aided by an army of demoniac creatures, razed most of the old cities, spreading terror everywhere. When the capital Linwynne fell, the loyal forces of the old King fled to the hidden city of Chuma Huppic, an old stronghold defended by a magical maze that prevents enemy forces from entering. However, Princess Grardobeth was captured, and many died in the hands of the evil wizard. The princess is kept as a hostage in the high tower of the Castle of Vourtram. Vourtram demands a marriage with the princess followed by the King's abdication, thus making him the new King over Gwalinad.

You are the hero, an orphan born under the sign of the Phoenix who, according to the prophecies, is destined to defeat Vourtram and his evil forces. Pick your class between warrior, wizard, and thief, each with an exclusive path to solve the puzzles. The warrior has easier puzzles, but requires some luck; wizards and thieves only require brains. It is up to you to first develop your skills as a hero, and afterwards depart in the quest to rescue the princess and destroy the evil of ... The Castle of Vourtram.

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Review by JonQ
27 Apr 2020
Really have enjoyed this game. Chose the warrior option and had fun with training and the mini quests, but cannot find the carrots! So I haven't begun the main quest at the castle yet. But the medieval village is fun to explore with nice touches of detail in the NPCs. The puzzles are not too hard, and there are helpful hints. But carrots, where ARE they? I look forward to delving deeper. Great set up and design! Very fun RPG.

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Written by
Alexandre Torres

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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 29 Oct 2017