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24 Mar 2016
No logic in this game and is not funny at all ;( makes me wanna commit suicide.

The english is still pretty bad, and doesn't make any sense, plus it's to short

Review for Avast, Ye Mateys!
03 Dec 2015
Hull: 113 (a measure of your ship's durability)
Armor: 12 (protective plates on the outside of your ship)
Cannons: 75 (your ship's firepower)
Crew: 56 (the number of able fighters on deck)
Gold: 838

This is how high I got (for now :3) it is a really good game which is fast and simple without all those menu's. It's really good, but I would rather see more of a story and where you can build your own towns or higher special mercanaries. Not only that, but have a good and bad reputation because I can get this and still walk into Queensland without getting kicked out... XD

Cutthroat: 59 (a measure of the fear you instill in the world)
Ships Defeated: 46
Explorer: 76 (your merit as an explorer)
Days Spent at Sea: 279
Plunderer: 56 (your drive towards wealth)
Total Gold Accrued: 8912

I really liked it. Only problem is that the paragraphs are too long. So I kinda get antsy. It shows promise, that is true. Yet I kinda feel like the action is lost in all the words. It's still exciting though. Just don't make it so wordy.

01 Dec 2015
Your english doesn't make sense, I understand that, but when your options are absolutely the same... and as short with 2 decisions yet the wrote 10 paragraphs for no reason... this is no game. Nor a story. Just a heartache for TWD fans everywhere

01 Dec 2015
This story is bad. Beyond bad... it is totally forced plot that leads no where and not only that. The options are poorly made choice that you would only see someone like Ben would do-(In the actually game) There is also no story plot and little character development. IN fact; no real character at all. ;(

Review for The Walking Dead
01 Dec 2015
It is okay, a bit to long for my taste, yet short story wise. Plot is forced. No real character development and I didn't really like the ending (which isn't a bad thing, not all endings have good news or bad news)

oh my, this is amazing wished i had more to do but it's freaken fantasic