The Walking Dead - Episode One by Deva Hanna

The Walking Dead - Episode One : LEFT FOR THE DEAD
Based on a TV series and comic series created by Robert Kirkman
Author : Deva Hanna

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Review by LikeABoss!
01 Dec 2015
This story is bad. Beyond bad... it is totally forced plot that leads no where and not only that. The options are poorly made choice that you would only see someone like Ben would do-(In the actually game) There is also no story plot and little character development. IN fact; no real character at all. ;(

Review by TheHatMan
26 Jun 2014
GOOD effort, but you need to think about going deep into it. Deep into the minds, think about it. Think about your character, and his background.

Review by Mr.Manpants
06 Jan 2014
For that other Walking Dead game you said it copied you, when theirs is way better than yours. Just because it is about the same topic doesn't mean that they copied you. I am guessing your not a kindergartner.

Review by awesomeman12345
24 Sep 2013
This is just offending. i'm a walking dead fan myself and all but this was just offending not to mention boring. for crying out loud you have no backround detail of your charactor. :( BOOOO

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Added 15 Jul 2013
Updated 08 Aug 2013