Reviews by camostar4

28 Sep 2016
wow it really was just like the game (in text anyway)
I look forward to the finished version only problem I have is that floweys track isn't long enough to play through while reading his part other then that great job I cant wait until it updates!

Review for Chara's Nightmare
28 Sep 2016
its pretty good im not quite sure what im supposed to be doing but that's expected since its not finished yet keep up the good work!

Review for Pokémon Emerald
17 Jan 2016
Great! Reminds me of the actually game! Looking forward for you to finish it!

Review for The adventure
12 Jan 2015
wow great game its short but fun keep up the good work

Review for Pokemon adventure
21 Nov 2014
cool game keep up the good the good work ; )

Review for Night is Falling
18 Nov 2014
that was pretty good you got to tell me where you got the images from?

Review for Haircut
09 Oct 2014
Wow who knew getting a hair cut was so much fun you did a great job twhylight

Review for The Test
07 Oct 2014
It was ok I guess I kept trying to win but I could not and I hate haveing to restart over and over and over again it makes the game no fun

06 Oct 2014
That was so funny and who would think being a lemon was that hard