UNDERTALE -:- WIP -:- by AgentAsian


Hello all! Thank you for playing this game over the few years.
I created this in eight hours in seventh grade, and I do not plan to release the extra areas that I created.
It was a fun project to work on, and got me interested in story telling and extended computer programming.

The design philosophy I used when developing was very messy and did not lend itself to creating a game like Undertale
with how expansive its storyline is.

In short, just go play Undertale, as I have moved on to my own standalone projects in the years gone by.

Agent Asian, Solomon M.

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Review by Newbie98
29 Feb 2020
This is great!

Review by LLAMALORD967
03 Jan 2020
Very realistic to the real game!

Review by undergurl101
18 Dec 2019
LOVE IT 😻 5 STARS please FINISH THEN SEND LINK TO ME AT [email protected] or [email protected] thx ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🖤🖤🖤🖤💜💜💜💜🎧🎮

Review by moonfox
07 Oct 2019
i love it

Review by Rocky Balboa
31 May 2019
IT'S SOOOOO GOOD! Finish it or I will shoot this dog. 🐕 🔫

Review by despa99
07 May 2019
Text size is a bit big, but its pretty good!

Review by itstoast27
12 Oct 2018
The “Wall Vaccums” are just vents that you crawl through to get back up, and the “pond” that Flowey emerges from isn’t a pond, I had assumed it was lighting from the ceiling, shining down on that spot. Not a bad text recreation though.

Review by lucasPepic
08 Aug 2018
True undertale I've been searching for 3 weeks and I found it!

Review by 60fragspersecond
31 May 2018

Review by KatanaKat13
25 May 2018
Amazing game! I love the attention to detail, and work put into this. I'm a huge Undertale fan, and I spent forever looking for something like this. Now I found it! Can't wait for the full version!

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