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04 Jan 2017
As a huge fan of the Fallout franchise, I am severely looking forward to reading/playing this!

Review for Ti Ti Laya
03 Jan 2017
Uhhhh... this game (I use that term sarcastically) is just not great. If you want to voice your opinion on race and society, I advise you just go somewhere where the main audience <i>ARE'NT</i> people who are wanting to play a text adventure game.

Next time, when you post a 'text adventure', don't make it a three paragraph racist hate speech...

Review for Night is Falling
02 Jan 2017
This game was OK.

02 Jan 2017
The story before the end was fantastic - a little slow - but nonetheless, interesting. It hooked the reader in with suspense and unanswered questions that needed to be answered. The flashlight part was very inventive and atmospheric. It really made the reader question their own safety, even if they are in the comfort of a couch. The ending, unfortunately, was very unsatisfying. The images of the legs were very well drawn but not scary. Even using jump-scares would have been better. In conclusion, the story was interesting and eerie, the sound effects (more specifically the digging sounds) were very unnerving, and the ending just didn't do it for me.