The Compound | Episode One by AdventureText

You wake up in a dark, cold room. You can't remember a thing. Why are you here? Some of these questions might be answered in the first episode of The Compound.

Note from AdventureText: This is my first game, so I would appreciate constructive criticism greatly! Thanks!

v. 1.1 - Fixed the YouTube thing
Added an actual completion method
Fixed the ending

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Review by jtown951
10 Jan 2017
It's good but short I don't really agree with splitting the game into very short episodes but its good anyway.

Review by Regisblackgaard
03 Jan 2017
As is standard, i will give the 1-2-3 +- stars review.
1. Pretty well written, a bit interesting. +4
2. Shorter than my great-aunt's uncle. -1
3. Extremely good effects and colors. They aren't just there to make the game look "cool", but they have a purpose. +1
4. Timers are longer than a giraffe's neck. -1
5. At the end, where there is the conversation between two doctors, I can't get anywhere. Perhaps you should test-run the game?
Summary: Altogether a solid game that needs a bit more test runs but is altogether not that bad at all.

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