Fallout: Vault 35 Chronicles Trailer by nyancat.exe

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Hello! This is basically just a trailer of my soon text game series titled, "Fallout: Vault 35 Chronicles". The series will revolve around a vault dweller named David. Set in the Midwest Wasteland surrounding the St. Louis area in western Missouri. I will be publishing the first game very, very soon, (as I am nearly finished with it). This is basically more of a learning experience for me than anything, as I am just learning to use Quest and Squiffy, therefore they will get better as the series goes on. I'm only really sending this out to see if it gains any attention, and to know that I won't just waste my time making a series that no one has interest in.

Music: Glaze- Corroded Grass
Fallout is a Bethesda owned series...

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Review by GameofChocolate
24 Aug 2017
It looks ok, but I didn't get to see if it works properly. I'm not sure I'd like to do the download without checking the game first.

Review by MTaylor
16 Mar 2017
Very cool, got to give five stars here

Review by AdventureText
04 Jan 2017
As a huge fan of the Fallout franchise, I am severely looking forward to reading/playing this!

Review by Rooting Story
29 Sep 2015
I find the game really cool and appealing,maybe you could add some 1950's-60's music,after all,Fallout is supposed to be based off a theme of where people couldn't resist the friendly,cool looks of the 50's,and designed everything 50's styled!And you can always find radios in the game that play those oldies.And maybe you could add radios that when switched on would play a random song!Really enjoyed it!

Review by User01654338
06 Sep 2015
Seems Ligit


Review by StellarCat
06 Nov 2014

Review by AtomicMountain
28 Oct 2014
Nice game! Fallout is my favourite game and this really inspired me!

Review by CarrotCake
28 Oct 2014
Awesome, 5 stars!

Review by CosmicCat23
28 Oct 2014
huzzah good game!

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