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Review for A Kitten's Life...
11 Feb 2018
It's pretty poor, sorry. The story's WAY too short, and the path doesn't really change (Accept for one ending where the girl thinks your a weirdo), and that isn't even realistic because of 'Dating'. You should really make it more realistic, or make it a fantasy one that's actually WELL MADE and has different endings. This isn't enough to call it a game, you gotta stretch it out a bit, and make like different lovers and not 2 endings. If this was like a preview/WIP of a gamebook, it'd be fine, but this is not enough to call it a real gamebook. Plus, you can't really get in a relationship with your brothers, their just there so that you can tell the girl about them. The only one you can actually get into some relationship into is that girl. The adoption thing is pointless, it still leads to the same thing no matter what you do. Plus, when you do the adoption thing, you catch prey... Aren't you a house cat that isn't allowed outside? And why don't your humans name you're kit? Their your owners, after all, plus the kitten's owner. Oh, wait a second. You suddenly turn into a wild cat once you get a girlfriend *Complete logic*
So, if you don't wanna read it all, here's the summary.

There isn't enough storyline, there's only 2 endings, the adoption thing is pointless, and this text adventure sucks. Bye.

27 Jan 2018
Seriously? This game is so bad. HEre's my reasons.

1. Your too overpowered

2. Srsly? 5 mice in one hunting trip?

3. Asking if a shadow is anything is definitely breaking the code

4. So many flaws breaking warriors logic that I could drown in em'

5. Story goes as quick as a whistle, before you know it your done with the whole game.

6. Very rushed with no dialogue or real things that effect the storyline.

7. SRSLY? TWO ENDINGS? (not including death ending)

That's why its 1 star. Thanks for reading, try again.