Warrior Cats: Path Of A Warrior by CaptThomas

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hi,i love warrior cats,so i made a game. enjoy! Credit to Erin Hunter {s}

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12 Sep 2019
Have you even read any of the books?! You can't get banished so easily!

Review by Storm E. Skies
05 Aug 2019
Wow, just... WOW. It... It is really good at being bad.

Review by Catlover4life
09 Jun 2019
Omg this is horrible I became deputy the end BORING!!!! 😴😴

Review by lily.awesome4444
17 Apr 2019
sorry but the as a fan of the books you made them look bad OH NO *dramatic gasp A LEAF!!!!!!!

Review by Spirits wing
09 Nov 2018
This is sand trash. READ THE BOOKS! 1. You dont get banished for warning the clan about a shadow. 2. What clan are you in? 3. Any clan can eat rabbit. Not. Just. WINDCLAN. 4. Apparently apprentices become warriors with scarring off some rabbits...

-Spiritwing Of RiverClan

Review by 645Kitty
21 Sep 2018
Very short and all-over-the-place. You are banished from the Clan for seeing a leaf (what leaf looks like an overlarge shadow sneaking around a tree? How could anyone mistake a leaf for an enemy creature?) which is somehow breaking the warrior code (I do not recall seeing anything about a false alarm warranting being outcast from the Clan). On top of that, your mentor gets pissy at you for hunting for something that would provide a proper meal and refuses to speak to you (which may be due to anger issues but that's some poor thinking right there) and somehow an an apprentice just made warrior manages to defeat the leader of a group of rogues in a "very hard battle" just by... chasing him. Unrealistic, sloppy, and in general poorly made. If you expect a game to take ten minutes to make, you should not be trying to make it. The quality will end up being shitty. Just a word of advice :/

Review by puppup099
20 Sep 2018
just boring. and your WAAAAAYYYYY to OP in my opinion. what cat catches 5 mice in 1 hunting trip? how do you even cary them all back? also idk if its just my comp or what but i have to keep scrolling up to read it. also;
you: gets paranoid because you saw a leaf and thought it was enemy cat
rest of clan: BANISH HIM! HE BROKE THE CODE! and then the exact next thing is a rouge attack!

27 Jan 2018
Seriously? This game is so bad. HEre's my reasons.

1. Your too overpowered

2. Srsly? 5 mice in one hunting trip?

3. Asking if a shadow is anything is definitely breaking the code

4. So many flaws breaking warriors logic that I could drown in em'

5. Story goes as quick as a whistle, before you know it your done with the whole game.

6. Very rushed with no dialogue or real things that effect the storyline.

7. SRSLY? TWO ENDINGS? (not including death ending)

That's why its 1 star. Thanks for reading, try again.

Review by Nutjitzu
08 Aug 2016
Alright so far! Also could you try my game and see what u think?
It's called warriors cats (kit version)!

Review by Skafis
06 Aug 2016
I think the story is a bit too rushed, the character we play as seem a bit "OP". My apologies, but I agree with CraftyKat

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