Warrior Cats: Path Of A Warrior by CaptThomas

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hi,i love warrior cats,so i made a game. enjoy! Credit to Erin Hunter {s}

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Review by Txgirl2009
12 Jan 2020
Really short, apprentices do not be one warriors because they are short on them. If you were just a warrior you really won’t be deputy. Work on details more and maybe re read the books to see how they really go.

05 Jan 2020
This. Is. Just. Really. Bad.

Review by Luckyflame
19 Dec 2019
This... Is not good. It's short, you can get banished for a leaf, you can become deputy, you can die, and thats it. Becoming a "True Warrior?" Nah.

Review by warriorcatscool
19 Dec 2019
Seriously? By warning the Clan of a potential danger you aren't exiled or, 'banished.' This is very, very poor. I'm sorry, but, come on do you even read any of the books? Or do you just watch stupid videos or listen to like, five seconds of the audio book? ONE. STAR. ( Ah Wind Clan joke)

Review by Swiftthunder
30 Nov 2019
I’m really sorry but this is so. Bad. It’s really really short and what da flip LEAF it is a LEAF. Also, if you warn the clan of potential danger you definitely don’t get banished I mean come on read the books!!!

12 Sep 2019
Have you even read any of the books?! You can't get banished so easily!

Review by Storm E. Skies
05 Aug 2019
Wow, just... WOW. It... It is really good at being bad.

Review by Catlover4life
09 Jun 2019
Omg this is horrible I became deputy the end BORING!!!! 😴😴

Review by lily.awesome4444
17 Apr 2019
sorry but the as a fan of the books you made them look bad OH NO *dramatic gasp A LEAF!!!!!!!

Review by Spirits wing
09 Nov 2018
This is sand trash. READ THE BOOKS! 1. You dont get banished for warning the clan about a shadow. 2. What clan are you in? 3. Any clan can eat rabbit. Not. Just. WINDCLAN. 4. Apparently apprentices become warriors with scarring off some rabbits...

-Spiritwing Of RiverClan

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