Reviews by MasterMcAvie

Review for Past of Scent
07 May 2016
Great idea for a game, well made and well written. Definitely something I'd play more of.

Review for Alien Invasion
06 May 2016
Mediocre and simplistic with too many arbitrary instant deaths.

There was literally a choice between "go left" and "go right" where one of the options was just death with no indication beforehand.

Review for Fatal Island Part 2
01 May 2016
Great game, lots of choices, feels very visceral and real. You did a great job writing the savage character, and I liked the balance you struck in terms of him being extremely dangerous but not auto-killing you the moment you got close.

Review for El Presidenté
01 May 2016
A fun, interesting, very well-written political simulator with a solid range of different options to choose from in each situation.

Review for The Nothing
29 Apr 2016
I really like what the "go back" option adds to the feeling of inevitability.