The Nothing by chumett

Your name is Bastian. You're a freelance graphic design artist and a connoisseur of comic books. You own a quaint house in the suburbs with your girlfriend of five years, Emilia. And today is the day that you've finally decided to propose.
29 Sep 2020
Surprising clever ending and wrapped everything up in a neat bow. Not to mention the title is a smart hint on what is going on. Good job! I enjoyed that incredibly.

Review by karinchan999
23 Apr 2019
It was short but it was fun.

24 Feb 2019
This is amazing!! A definite must-play!

Review by MasterMcAvie
29 Apr 2016
I really like what the "go back" option adds to the feeling of inevitability.

Review by KyuJones
06 Apr 2016
well written. good tangents. nice wrap-up.

Review by embolus
28 Jun 2015
Disconcerting. Definitely one of the better stories here.

Review by arislaf
05 Feb 2015
If there was a 6 for perfect I would rate this with 6.

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