El Presidenté by brettmurray92

El Presidenté puts you in the shoes of leading a fictional Central American country in the wake of a collapsed regime. As a newly elected leader, you must make moral and ethical choices, as guided by your 3 advisers, to steer your country back onto the path of success.
Review by coolsoeb
12 Nov 2017
Good simulation.

Review by MasterMcAvie
01 May 2016
A fun, interesting, very well-written political simulator with a solid range of different options to choose from in each situation.

Review by ChazCliffhanger
26 Apr 2016
Very nice. I found myself choosing different characters instead of one the whole time.

Review by 1tonynerd
09 Nov 2015

play amazing and very good, I enjoyed the history of the game, look forward to a continuation (sorry if I did some English error, I am Brazilian and I speak Portuguese)

Review by GJ
29 Apr 2015
Very great game! But be honest- you got inspired by "Tropico", didn't you? :)

Review by AtomicMountain
24 Apr 2015
Hands down, the best political text-based simulator I've ever seen. It has so many choices and paths that it gives so much replayability. 5/5, Fantastic.

Review by Omeg12
15 Apr 2015
Great idea, good realization. I was thinking really long about the particular choices analyzing every aspect of them. It's a pity, that your advisers can't betray you for example, but still, it was fun.

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