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Reviews by greatbo12

Review for All the Queen's Men
19 Nov 2016
Good descriptions and lovable characters! Good job!

Review for Mouse Quest Ch1
29 Jul 2016
I haven't finished the game yet but it looks very promising! Can't wait to finish...

Review for The Xylophoniad
15 May 2016
Impressive detail and vivid imagery! I liked the idea that you are offered tasks to perform. A little difficult for a beginner like me though... Even with the plenty of help that was provided. But I guess that's just me.

25 Feb 2016
Whoever wrote this isn't human. It makes me cry every time I play it (I played it through like twenty times). I thought I was really dating this person you made up, and it effected my mood for the whole day when James fell in the crevasse and I couldn't save him till 4 pm because I had to go to school.

Review for Photopia
25 Feb 2016
This is awesome! I am not usually very good at text adventure games, but there are plenty of hints in the game. It's really well put together and obviously the author has thought of everything!