You are a scholar from England who is researching the Americas. Your parents are wealthy, but you are not, and they are disappointed you for refusing to take over the family business. Your possessions: a precious green budgie in a cage, a spyglass and silver locket with portrait of your fiancee, Scarlet, your research papers, samples from all over the world. Suddenly your ship is boarded by pirates, and you get trapped in your cabin in the confusion. All the sailors, including the captain who is a large man with white beard, is murdered brutally. I changed some things since I wrote the des...
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Reviews by greatbo12

Review for All the Queen's Men
19 Nov 2016
Good descriptions and lovable characters! Good job!

Review for Mouse Quest Ch1
29 Jul 2016
I haven't finished the game yet but it looks very promising! Can't wait to finish...

Review for The Xylophoniad
15 May 2016
Impressive detail and vivid imagery! I liked the idea that you are offered tasks to perform. A little difficult for a beginner like me though... Even with the plenty of help that was provided. But I guess that's just me.

25 Feb 2016
Whoever wrote this isn't human. It makes me cry every time I play it (I played it through like twenty times). I thought I was really dating this person you made up, and it effected my mood for the whole day when James fell in the crevasse and I couldn't save him till 4 pm because I had to go to school.

Review for Photopia
25 Feb 2016
This is awesome! I am not usually very good at text adventure games, but there are plenty of hints in the game. It's really well put together and obviously the author has thought of everything!