UTOPIA (Everything you want is here) by dangsoo

You are young and ambitious.
You find your current life empty of opportunity.
You have decided you need a huge change.
You have your possessions with you, and you have purchased a flat in the city.
You pick up your bags.
You get on the train.

This is a short game designed to invert the typical view of a perfect futuristic utopia.

Made for my final project in my first year of Illustration degree :)
Warning: Mentions of drug use and domestic abuse.
Review by Nick_Crafter
27 Apr 2015
Not a bad game, few branches though and it could encourage people to take drugs...
Also, I see a bit of domestic abuse in there as well...

Anyways, It was a good story nonetheless, I don't feel that the name exactly fits it, though thats not my place.

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Published 27 Apr 2015
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