Doctor Incognitus and the Scorpion's Sting by Craig Dutton

You are Cornelius Veermundy, Private Detective. The year is 1888. The place is London and Queen Victoria rules her Empire. Jack the Ripper is on his murderous spree and you are determined to catch him whatever the cost.

On a cold late November evening a tip-off leads you to the River Thames and the discovery of a mutilated body of another prostitute. Another one of Jack's victims, no doubt! You feel that somewhere in the fog and shadows lurks the killer you are determined to stop.

However, the killer in question will lead you on a hunt for a maniac far greater than you have ever imagined...

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Review by jmnevil54
01 Feb 2021
I don't get it. I don't see any puzzles. There aren't any indications of any puzzles.

Not worth 1 star though. It's a good game.

Also, I died twice.

Review by DragonMaster78
31 Jan 2021
Refused to load. Multiple attempts failed, and returned the following:

Error 520 Ray ID: 61a5b3baf9ca3b21 • 2021-01-31 19:05:04 UTC
Web server is returning an unknown error.

Review by DavyB
10 Jan 2018
I've been playing and implementing text adventures for the past two years (since retiring!). When playing, I've tended to find a particular author I like and then work through every game they've posted. This is the first I've tackled by Craig and don't expect it to be my last. I picked one of his older games because the associated comments give clues/solutions to the more more difficult puzzles.

The game has an excellent story-line, is well written and has some very enjoyable puzzles. It is a game in the classic style, however, meaning that little attention is paid to the background, it is 'cruel' to the player (sudden death, unwinnable positions and artificial limitations on what can be carried), and requires some precise verb use here and there. The game would have a wider appeal if these characteristics were toned down, especially to me! That said, however, it is a great game and generally well implemented (noticed a problem with gas running out in the lamp), so I have no hesitation in giving a full five stars.

Review by IFforClassroom
12 Jun 2017
Fun and relatively well implemented.

Review by DaNiX88
15 May 2015
Another great game! This one, however was a little easier for me to complete, as I could almost complete the game without help. I'm still not a fan of an item limit, or being able to put the game in an unwinable state without warning or obvious mistake. I did enjoy the story though! It was well written and the scene transitions were cleverly done!

Good work.

Review by Charles Scott
21 Nov 2013

Ah, I do enjoy a bit of steam-punk! Another of Craig's enthralling games: highly recommended.

Review by Sue
02 Jul 2013
Hi Craig,

Like Sarah, I'm a vision-impaired player. I really enjoy your games (I played my first, Dragon, on a braille computer some years ago). Your descriptions are excellent, and your puzzles, while sometimes very tricky, are always fun--and very satisfying--to work through!

I particularly liked the Victorian London setting of this game, and appreciate the careful proofreading! Wonderful work, and I look forward to discovering more of your games soon.

Review by Natloud
28 Mar 2013
Thanks Sarah!

Review by sarah4
21 Mar 2013
Hi Craig, sorry, I completely forgot to post a review! Thanks again for all your help, as always I was missing something really obvious so thanks for putting up with my constant questions!

This was yet another perfect game from my favourite Text adventure author, brilliant settings, fantastic, fast-paced narrative, evocative descriptions and brilliantly implemented and challenging puzzles! As I mentioned in a previous comment, the setting and themes were just my cup of tea and I was very impressed, as always, by your ability to come up with so many fantastic new ideas for games and still manage to make every new game just as challenging and entertaining as its predecessor. This is a very ambitious game, given the range of locations in which it takes place, and yet you managed to make the switching between disperate settings seem like a completely natural progression in the storyline rather than jarring and sudden scene changes.

Congratulations on yet another game which I can't praise highly enough and I wait with bated breath for your next masterpiece!

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Craig Dutton

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Written for Quest 5.3
Published 11 Mar 2013
Updated 25 Aug 2014

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