try to eat beans by halfling-is-short

try to eat some beans from a can! (secret ending included!) also, +20% more beans!
Review by SmurfSomeone2009
08 Feb 2023
Well, this is definitely a game, IG?

Review by Amythest
25 Jul 2022
very good it allowed me to eat beans and be yelled at by gordon ramsey

Review by broadwaydude
02 Dec 2021
Should be sandbox. Short and uninteresting. A waste of time.

Review by StrawberriiMilk-
29 Nov 2021
im crying, thank you, good sir for your important contribution to society, thank you.

21 Nov 2021
when I was moments before I was going to take my life, I noticed this tab mysteriously opened on my computer. I put the knife down and pressed 'play online', and I was immediately mesmerized about the detail and beauty of it all. then - I realized - life was worth it. humans can really create beautiful things. killing yourself was just a waste of precious time on the earth that will never happen again. suddenly my dad came back with the perfect milk and I'm now very happy with my life. thank you


Review by u/IAmAwesome576
30 Apr 2021

Review by jrodger
14 Apr 2021
great game. bbbbbeeeeeaaaannnnsss

17 Feb 2021
oh dear baby jesus it's neverending

Review by ItsLarkatiel
24 Sep 2020
Wow. That's all I have to say. Wow. Seriously, everything about this game is just perfect. The world building, the character design, just everything. 9999999999/10

Review by wintersnowing
21 Jul 2020
1000/10 spectacular work

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