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Review for try to eat beans
21 Nov 2021
when I was moments before I was going to take my life, I noticed this tab mysteriously opened on my computer. I put the knife down and pressed 'play online', and I was immediately mesmerized about the detail and beauty of it all. then - I realized - life was worth it. humans can really create beautiful things. killing yourself was just a waste of precious time on the earth that will never happen again. suddenly my dad came back with the perfect milk and I'm now very happy with my life. thank you


Review for Escape to Titan
03 Jan 2021
ah yes, the perfect thing to do after escaping a jail cell where you are sentenced to 100 years of
cyro sleep, spin around on a comfy chair

Review for Questionable Game
03 Dec 2020
it's like if barf and diarrhea had a child

Review for Choice of Robots
10 Nov 2020
very good. after I played it for a while it more felt like a giant story rather than a text adventure.

09 Nov 2020
i love cats

Review for Pineapple Simulator
24 Oct 2020
this game made me think more about pineapples

This game should be sent to the sandpit. There is only a few pages. Even a DEMO would be longer than this piece of garbage. It would probably take you longer to make the cover art than the actual game

Review for 3am
09 Jul 2020
lol this is the embodiment of weird and funny. 5/5 awesome

Review for Treasure Venture
08 Jul 2020
This a charming pixel art game, but I don't really know how to get past the wall. Anyway this is good. 3/5 ok

Review for Rock:The Game
08 Jul 2020
rock, rock.

08 Jul 2020
This game is weird, and I LOVE it. The car being blasted into space and the relation of God and the avocado is sooo funny and this game goes very pensive about a single avocado. 5/5 awesome text adventure

Review for Crystals and gems
08 Jul 2020
this literally does nothing

08 Jul 2020
This text adventure's mystery and old-timey theme doesn't fit with my style. Sure, the start of the game is OK, but one of the links glitch out. 2/5 - quite bad