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Reviews by Sacrilege

Very short, very easy and it looks like it was a bit planned before, but nothing out of the ordinary in the programming.
Took about five minutes to end the game.
There was a lack of descriptions of people, the environment and situations.
It could have been better.

It was interesting, but not something out of the ordinary.
It was nice to be able to choose who to like but it was kind of obvious where the plot will go with each decision you make. It was nice, but no so much.
I'd give it some extra stars but the "buy the next chapter" really killed my mood when things started to warm up.

22 May 2015
Very interesting, very rich interactive fiction.
It was very refreshing to see the side of the dragon in all of those tales and actually the game made it look like the dragon was the good guy although he is always evil.

Review for Psy High
22 May 2015
Although very linear, it was a bad-ass game.
It has achievements, lots of choices and you take an interesting part of the protagonist life.
The choice whether to be gay, hetero or bi was so wonderful and I just adore you to make this option possible.
Very nice game to pass an hour or two.

Review for Choices
21 May 2015
Very short with a lack of showing the emotions behind each decisions.
Nearly no one is so emotionless.

Review for Pestilence
21 May 2015
Although this isn't a text adventure by it's definition, it was an interesting experience of the mind of a struggling person. I like this sort-of-blurry environment which creates a stronger connection to the inside of the protagonist mind and fight, Wonderful piece of art, well-written and it was wonderful to read.

Review for Her Pound of Flesh
24 Mar 2015
This game has a lot of potential to become something very disturbing, but the lack of explanation about the creature he has raised kinda of doesn't let you understand the story as much as needed to enjoy it completely.
I still think it was really good.

Review for Camp Stabbiwaka
24 Mar 2015
That game was great!
I really liked it and it was fantastic to play.
But, I think there should be a better aspect of the relationships, I think they should really change the story.
And in my opinion the ending was a little unexplained, and he got the realization too suddenly and not a little with every moment which will be more reasonable.
Yet, a great game.

Review for Life of Kevin
24 Mar 2015
I don't understand why was that in horror section or any close to that genre.
Furthermore, this so-called story has absolutely no point or anything worth time.
Wasted a few minutes of my life...