ESCAPE!-boring edition by dther99

its too easy..

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Review by Dieben
12 Feb 2008
Finally, someone who can condense the feelings of boredom within themselves, and distribute it to the world as toxic, blatant, sour, milk. As something done for the sh*ts and giggles of it; it isn't half-bad. However, as a game, it is not only an insult to the term, but a stain upon the briliant canvas of text adventures. I do not mean to belittle you or anyone else, or anyones' accomplishments; but anybody who is pathetic enough to spit on a paintbrush, rub it on said canvas, and call it a picture is not just a moron, but a blinking retard! Calling it "ESCAPE-boring edition" is just putting a bigger label on it; which in either case still reads: My Sh*t. For someone who has a history, a life, a speck of intelligence and decency, you just smeared it all over with snot ridden with the anal secretion of ignorance and the essence of idiocy. If you really want to light your imagination on fire that badly, go post something at or better yet, go watch the sh*t dry on your wall that you just smeared there with your *ss, and shut up! I feel like eating tacos tonight.
~Dieben the female bandit

Review by GAMER!
12 Feb 2008
Sorry but I really don't like your game! There's no story line, no puzzles, no point to the game what so ever! It's so easy! I know this is your first game but you could of at least had some objects or had a door to open. I give this game a 1 out of five. Sorry about that but maybe you'll make some better games in the future?

Review by DePaw
24 Nov 2007
Firstly, this game has only three runs. As previously stated, to win takes two turns. I'm giving this 'game' a '1' as it simply isn't even a game. There is no plot, no skill needed; no thought has been put into this, it probably didn't take very long to make, most likely the length it takes to play...

Review by Michael the gamer
06 Oct 2007
Man this Game is funny!
You can even type a walkthrou in about 5 secounds

Go Right and then out

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