House Adventure by Jack

explore your house sorry for the way the game is made but it was my first time

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Review by Michael1
14 May 2007
I Couldn't even play this, I Ran it, it just shows the code here in the browser, thats it.

Review by David Welbourn
23 Apr 2007
This is not a game. This is a coding exercise. There is no story, no puzzles, and no point. Players, you can pass this one by. Authors, please don't release your first fumbling efforts to the world.

Even as a coding exercise, this _still_ needs work. Three issues:

(1) Descriptions of rooms and objects are so utterly generic and without useful content that I call them "duh-scriptions". When I examine a lamp, don't just say "it's a lamp." Like, duh. I already knew that. Tell me something about it. Is it tall, golden, dirty, broken, flexible, portable, bright, without a shade, handmade, your grandmother's, used for reading? Please tell me something about each object that isn't obvious from its name alone.

(2) Interaction with objects often requires command constructions that are impossible to guess. For example, consider the TV. You cannot "use TV" as is standard in other Quest games, nor "turn on TV" as is standard in other authoring systems. The desired phrase here is "press power switch TV" -- but only for the TV. The hifi expects "press power on hifi"; the lamp expects "turn on lamp"; the computer expects "press power switch on computer". This is unacceptable. Please support standard commands and handle alternate constructions as synonyms.

(3) Nothing does anything. That is, I can't change this world in any way. I can't pick anything up. I can't break anything. I can't discover anything hidden. Changing the world in small (and large) ways is a big part of what text adventures are all about. This is just too static. Make it dynamic.

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