Reviews by Michael1

08 Jul 2009
For now I'll have to rate this 1 star until
you make a much more complete version.

Goodluck next time though.

08 Jul 2009
not even a game.
Welcome to the Quest community but uploading stuff
like this will only have people look at you weird.

Try harder, MUCH harder.

Seems pretty good, didn't play through the whole thing but played enough to know that you seem to know what your doing, Good job.

I rated it 4 stars from what I've seen.

Yes you should get Quest Pro, I Use it it's awesome.

magix don't take this personal but I to had to rate it 1 star, I Looked
for a reason to rate it 2 stars but couldn't find one.

My spelling isn't all that good either. but I try very hard to
spell correctly since It's a text game and It's all about words.

to give you an idea I spend hours and days on a game just to make
sure the base of my game is down pat, It's not easy but it is fun, It's
like a puzzle.

Advice: Plan the game first, think it over, once you have a plan work
on it from the ground up not from the sky down.
Create vars that you may need, create procedures to help you control
the game, also think ahead, and whatever you do make sure the player
at least has an idea of what is happening, if the player gets lost
and has trouble reading your style of writing they'll leave your
game very quick and may think bad of you.

Things to think about: Will your game have combat? if so is it real
time or turn based? also is combat menu drivin or seamless?, does
the player level up?, is there skills and stats?, what about magic?, what
genre would you call your game? is there vehicles? what about a story?
RPG's are nothing without a story.

I usually make a seamless combat system, turn based usually.

Review for Screamer
10 Apr 2008
Not bad for a first game but there were many issues.

The background color changed on me and so did the text color
a couple of times, this hurt the eyes allot!.

also the lack of room descriptions.

Overall the game seemed rushed, no time or effort
was put into it.

I Suggest next time try a bit harder, take your time
and good things will happen :)

Better luck next time.


Review for clash
03 Apr 2008
I agree, Gamer you should take more time
in doing your next game, put more effort into
your next one, use variables correctly, once
an object is nolonger available for interaction then
move it or make it unavailable.

Use variables to check wether a puzzle/quest is
complete, or use flags, use prefix's correctly.

Don't use room descs to describe what the player is doing, use
room descs only to describe the scene, you can however set
up some variables so the game knows what to say when
the player enters the room, like for the first time etc.

Better luck next time though. :)


01 Apr 2008
The story is ok, but the game is to short.
the game is very simple, but over all It's
not bad for It's length, just an easy game.


Review for House Adventure
14 May 2007
I Couldn't even play this, I Ran it, it just shows the code here in the browser, thats it.

Review for Mystery Locker
14 May 2007
Design is horrible, I Died a few times quite suddenly, There is a monster I Guess, but no Idea on how to fight it.