The House of Dom Orre by peter edwards

Wealth and fame await you in the House of Dom Orre. But beware. It is not unguarded...

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Review by JonQ
29 Apr 2020
I have only played once and got killed off, but I plan to keep on trying. This is one of the best old school text adventures on Quest! Glad to see someone is keeping this grand tradition alive. The special effects made me jump! Reminds me a little of Alone in the Dark from the 90s, but these are great traditions to revive and put a new spin on. It's a lot of fun, and I can't wait to solve this one. Looks like a good challenge. Very nice, sir!

Review by revatrivedi
25 Apr 2019
wtf was this

Review by Sinca12
01 Feb 2018
Another great game by peter edwards!!! Fiendishly tricky puzzles coupled with an intriguing story and a helpful creator and You've got a great game!

Review by jimbrock
23 Jan 2018
A classic text adventure! I really enjoyed it. Good, logical puzzles and enough hints in the comments to help get over the more tricky bits without revealing too much. Atmospheric descriptions that got the brain juices flowing.

Usual advice applies (I need to follow my own advice here!), read all the room descriptions carefully and examine everything even if it's not in the object list. Save regularly!

Review by DavyB
16 Jan 2017
I’ve played two versions of this game: the original and the recently updated version. They are essentially the same in content but not in feel. The original relied heavily on the default object description “Nothing out of the ordinary” to a point where it was distracting for some players. This was pointed out in comments and reviews. The revised version addresses this issue, allowing the game to be better appreciated.

The House of Dom Orre is a fantasy mystery, where the player is trapped alone in a house, trying to find out what has happened to its owner, Professor Dom Orre. As well as escaping, the player has to avoid a ghost, locate nine (traditional text-adventure) treasures, and solve puzzles on the way.

Overall, the game is very well designed, with a feel, scale and level of challenge similar to Peter’s other games. So, for me, that means an excellent experience and yet another adventure that I can confidently recommend to others!

Review by Crispin
01 May 2015
Another excellent, engaging game from Peter Edwards! The house was large enough to provide some variety but was not difficult to navigate, and although there were several "you see nothing out of the ordinary" descriptions (which took some getting used to), it did help with narrowing down how to solve the puzzles. The hints in the comments were very helpful, and I really appreciated how Peter provided hints without spelling out too much.
There was a bit of "you see a chair2", or "you can see a coal dust", but that may be due to the Quest program, rather than any problem with the actual game.

Review by DaNiX88
03 Apr 2015
A great game as usual. This game is a twist of mystery, suspense, and had a treasure hunt theme to it. As a news journalist, you have to get to the root of the "incident," while simultaneously finding artifacts of value and running from the horror of the house. It holds a nice balanced feel to it and keeps you engaged with the wide play area and all the puzzles. This game will not disappoint!

Review by Cycle-Alchemist
01 Feb 2014
Good game, Story could use a little work(maybe a Revamp) but wouldn't play it again. Sorry

Review by Charles Scott
26 Nov 2013
This was the first text adventure I played after accidentally stumbling on the "Quest" site in April -- happy day! I wasn't signed up for reviews and comments at that time: so now I've gone back to "Dom Orre", and have found it just as compelling and challenging as the first time around. I'd forgotten the answers to several of the puzzles, so it's taken me longer than I expected to complete. This time, however, I left with all the treasures (I'd failed to find the belfry before). All of which just goes to show that a really good game, like a really good book, repays a second visit. Since my first attempt at "Dom Orre" I've played all Peter's games, and found them all excellent: well-plotted and elegantly written. This one is no exception.

Review by Pedders
10 Apr 2013
Loving the game but have ground to a halt. I am still puzzling over the experiment but have got to the garage and the shed and used the spade. can't understand the balls and have stood around fiddling with the swingball to no avail - I have a feeling this is a red herring! completely stuck with the iron studded oak door which isn't unlocked with the rusty key and also stumped by hatch - do I need assistance with the stepladder? Any hints to get me moving again are gratefully received.


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Written for Quest 5.5
Published 11 Mar 2013
Updated 20 Apr 2018

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