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Reviews by Sinca12

Review for HMS Victory
04 Feb 2018
Great game! Lots of fun! Interesting use of the pictures as clues! Hope to see more from you soon peter!

Review for Curse!
02 Feb 2018
Another homerun, Peter!

Fun game! Great balance of challenging puzzles without being impossible!

I must say, the picture at the end gave me quite a start.

Review for The Enchanted Glade
02 Feb 2018
Another great game. Not quite as challenging as some of the creator's others but still more so than most on this site.

I knocked one star off because the map was extremely confusing to me. Maybe that's part of the idea but when mapping it out, directions crisscrossed every which way (and not just in the glade). Great game, though!

01 Feb 2018
Another great game by peter edwards!!! Fiendishly tricky puzzles coupled with an intriguing story and a helpful creator and You've got a great game!

Review for Good Night
03 Dec 2017
Another great game from XanMag. You never cease to impress me! Very creepy game with disturbing tension. can't wait for more from you, Xan! (Esp Xan3)

Another incredible installment! Great puzzles and an awesome hint system that was brilliantly integrated! I'm absolutely impressed both with the complex and extremely enjoyable game and the dedication of the creator to making the best game he can make! I can't wait for the third installment!

26 Oct 2017
Truly incredible. There were some bugs (ex the gui allowed you to press up before the tree existed and you were even able to "throw rope at bough" and climb up the tree before it existed making the water part pretty useless.) But the author is extremely active and even more helpful! I can tell this took a lot of work! Lots of clever puzzles. I can't wait to do the next one!