Caravan chaos by GAMER!

Your caravan has broken down while you were driving home in it because your car broke.

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Review by LinaLyssic
06 Mar 2011
I was really annoyed by only one thing. I KEPT FALLING OFF A CLIFF. Also, if you go east, than west you end up in the same place. But if I go east, I fall off the cliff. While technically, I was in the same place I was before. Also, I thought the actions (Use coin on valve, use magnet on bed, etc.) were a bit illogical. Yes, I know this sounds illogical. But I liked it anyway.

Review by FERDI
01 Nov 2009
hello gamer, when i type x bathroom, the game tells me that it contains a toilet and thower but as i type x thower, the game tells i can't see that here
for the sink, you must type x snowstorm
open the cupboard to reveal a bowl get the bowl.
x bowl and find a coin.
examine the window to find memory card, x card to find battery.
when i open the window i lost.
can someone help me further?

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