The Tower by Puzzlemaster

A humorous game written as a homage to some of the author's favorite adventure games while containing a self-deprecating, snarky wit of its own.
Review by broadwaydude
27 Oct 2021
I've given a lot of five stars to short silly comedy games that I found were nice little time wasters, but this was actually pretty well fleshed out. The achievements, the detail, and the quick pace of your actions are great! Although I still got stuck doing the hustle and the electric slide on a forever loop at Disco Dan's boss battle (Yay for Square Root of Stupid), I was able to forgive it because it was such a good game. Well done.

Review by ChamberQuester
18 Jan 2017
This game made me crack up when I started to play it!
The narrator matches my style of humor particularly well, and I enjoyed the "exploit the budget" and "defence" jokes in there very much.
Overall, I didn't expect this type of game, but it sure was fun!
"There are no fences here, that's why spelling matters."
"We're supposed to speak JAPANESE!"

Review by Jesse Richardson
09 Jan 2017
thumbs up, this is great.
I can also tell that you thought through and spent many hours on this game. Something that many other people need to learn.

Review by LuckyTabler
18 Oct 2016
I really liked it, i hope you keep making things like these

Review by Propester_Games
10 Jun 2015
Really good game well done :)

Final Score 5/5 :)

Review by kurdibur
05 May 2015
It had an OK concept...
Not particularly my kind of game but I'm willing to give it a fair rating. The game seems rather over rated, the humor I didn't find to be great. Nice mechanics, achievement system, health and such but the fighting was weird in a sense that it had a lack of flow. I'm assuming this was directed at a younger audience, judging by the humor. The repetition with the fighting got old, fast. Fairly fun game, good job but not the best
Best of luck with your next.

Review by Waposa
05 May 2015
had nice mechanics, i didn't find the jokes to be very clever and the actions in fight scenes were very luck based and had not too much reason for not working but overall really well made and i can understand why people like it

Review by MisterPibb316
02 May 2015
I normally don't go for games this short, but the humor style and options--which have direct consequences--were just so brilliant that I have to add an extra point. Bravo!

Review by Ranique
27 Apr 2015
Great story lots of LOLs

Review by DarkariaX
26 Apr 2015
Gr8, it's so ridiculous that it's beautiful.

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