King-for-a-day (sort of) by leepdroon

You are a commoner, part of the oppressed, all your life longing for a chance to be something more. Were you born a noble, you'd do a better job than those bastards up in their mighty castle. That's what you continuously tell yourself. Now, you have a chance to prove it. You've somehow managed to be selected by the king himself to represent him in his Council! Will you indeed rule properly, or will you find out you have been wrong about yourself your whole life?

- Take part in the decision-making with the fate of your vaguely generic kingdom on the line
- Meet a cast of lovable (sort of) nobles (sort of) that will help you (sort of) deal with a few problems of the kingdom
- Experience the reasonably distributed power of an absolute monarch
- Overthrow the crown by accident or crush those who are trying to do so
- Raise the taxes for no apparent reason
- Enable an inquisition to take over
- Uncover a romantic scandal
- Make deals with an industrial nation that is hungrily hoping to colonize everything you call home
- Scam or be scammed
- Slack off on your first and only day in power
- Talk to a literal abomination of nature
- Or just be a good ruler, I guess

Good luck!
Review by avatar.png
01 Jul 2020
I got all the endings and it was really enjoyable! I couldn't make it funnier if I tried... Keep it up!

Review by MehCandie
29 Sep 2019
Well you would end up dying if you did basically anything other than the intended path, you would die. Doesn't change the fact that I enjoyed it though, I mean what do you expect when you're a king "for a day?" :)

Review by Athi
03 Aug 2019
It was a good, well-written, funny game. Great idea of the checkpoint system! It really saves time. It gave me a good laugh, which was what I was looking for. I truly enjoyed this game, I hope others will also. <3

Review by jorocks30
25 Dec 2018
It was pretty enjoyable, kind of wished it was longer. Effortlessly funny but stands on it's own as a game.

Review by lemnlime
28 Jan 2018
Well written and funny. I really enjoyed this. It was 20 minutes well spent! I also appreciate how you added the checkpoint system which really cuts down on the frustration of getting back to where you were after reaching a dead end.

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